Neabsco District Supervisor

JDJwithschoolbusesEducation is the building block for future generations.  Successful counties and cities are built around well educated citizens and good school systems.  In Prince William County, we have created a world class education system and have developed world class programs for our students.

The Prince William County Public School system is the second largest school division in Virginia enrolling approximately 86,209 students in the 2014-2015 school year.  Prince William County Public Schools is the fourth largest school system in the Washington Metropolitan Area after the Fairfax County, Virginia; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Prince George’s County, Maryland school systems.  Schools in Prince William County, to include high schools, colleges and universities, are nationally ranked.  Their nationally ranked statuses help to attract more companies to the area which stimulates our economic growth.

Since my time in office, we have built 33 elementary, 8 middle, 5 high schools and 1traditional school.  All of them have been built with the latest technology and staffed with teachers and administrators that have been locally and nationally recognized for their excellence in our County school system.  The Northern Virginia Community College’s (NVCC) Woodbridge Campus is located in the Neabsco District.  The Woodbridge Campus of the NVCC serves tens of thousands of students and their enrollment continues to grow.  Two new buildings have been built and a Work Force Development Center that will serve Prince William County and the entire Northern Virginia area is currently under construction.  This facility will serve as job hubs, meeting place and education center.  When looking to expand, George Mason University built a campus in Prince William County, housing five campus buildings serving over four thousand students.

Over the past 32 years, I have been a strong advocate for education and will continue to support efforts to maintain our “Schools of Excellence” status that will cultivate the future of our tomorrow.