Neabsco District Supervisor

JDJwithpolicechiefThe health, welfare, and safety of my constituents are very important to me.  I am a proud supporter of our exceptional Prince William County Police Department, Department of Fire and Rescue, and the Volunteer Departments of our County Fire and Rescue Association.  I have worked closely with all of them over the years.  The highly trained men and women in both departments strive to keep our citizens safe on a daily basis.

Police Department

The Prince William County Police Department began operations on July 1, 1970 and has been nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) since 1987.  The Department currently employs more than 650 full-time personnel consisting of 537 sworn officers, 111 part-time crossing guards, 18 Animal Control officers, and more than 100 civilian employees.

There are several ways that citizens can stay involved and help enforce public safety in Prince William County.  You can join the Citizen Police AcademyCommunity Speed Watch ProgramPolice Ride-Along ProgramNeighborhood Watch, and many more.  For additional information on the Prince William County Police Department, please visit their webpage at

Fire and Rescue

Prince William County’s fire and rescue service is provided through a combination career and volunteer system. Collectively, these organizations work together to provide high quality and efficient firefighting and emergency medical services.

The Department of Fire and Rescue consists of 506 members, which is a combination of civilian and uniformed individuals.  The Department’s Community Safety section’s primary responsibility is to reduce hazards that contribute to the cause and spread of fire. This area of responsibility is demonstrated through code enforcement, fire and explosion investigations, fire protection system and plan reviews, community fire and life safety education and emergency management.  The Operations section of the department is responsible for response to fire, emergency medical, hazardous materials and citizen assist calls. This section is also responsible for basic and advanced pre-hospital emergency medical care, fire hazardous materials incident mitigation and health and safety services for department members. The Department’s Systems Support section is an internal customer service provider that manages department programs and activities from “behind the scenes” to ensure prompt, efficient and effective service to the Prince William County community. This section includes human resources, training, administrative support, budgeting and accounting, planning and analysis, information technology, logistical support and communications. Both uniform and non-uniform members staff this section, providing an eclectic mix of internal services to the department and its members.  For information on career Firefighter/EMT opportunities click Fire and Rescue Career Information, call 703-792-6800, or send an email.   For information on volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordinator, at 703-792-7158 or the individual fire company serving your community.

Dale City Volunteer Fire Department

The Dale City Volunteer Fire Department (DCVFD) was founded in 1967 by the Dale City Civic Association.  The DCVFD is a fire and rescue organization comprised of approximately 250 dedicated volunteers.  The volunteers of the DCVFD provide more than 2,500 volunteer hours per week to the community. The DCVFD is consistently one of the busiest and most active volunteer fire organizations in the state, averaging approximately 20,000 runs per year.  The DCVFD serves the community of Dale City, Virginia in its first due area and responds to fire and medical emergencies throughout Dale City, the Potomac Mills Mall and portions of I-95.  In addition, the DCVFD provides services to surrounding communities, as needed through mutual aid agreements. The DCVFD owns and operates four of Prince William County’s 17 fire and rescue stations.  DCVFD volunteers staff these stations from 6pm to 6am Monday through Friday, throughout the weekend, and on any holidays that career staff do not work.  Three of the DCVFD’s four stations (10, 13 and 18) are located along Dale Boulevard, with Station 10 on the eastern end, Station 13 in the center of Dale City and Station 18 on the west end of Dale Boulevard.  Station 20 is located on Prince William Parkway near the Potomac Mills Mall and Gar-Field Senior High School.  Each DCVFD station is equipped with and staffs an engine and an ambulance. In addition, DCVFD volunteers staff a heavy rescue squad located at Station 10 along the I-95 corridor, a tower and medic unit at Station 13, a brush truck at Station 18, and an all-terrain rescue vehicle at Station 20.  A 24-hour career staffed medic unit is also located at Station 20.

With a joint effort of the Prince William County Police, Department of Fire and Rescue, Prince William County Government and the citizens, we continue to strive for a safe environment for all.